Food Waste Prevention!!!

Yours truly was recently involved in a video project for The Burbank Channel. It is a PSA called “Food Waste Prevention!!!” which starred myself as a man who had the nerve to throw away an apple because it was bruised, and Stephen Ferguson as a man who transforms himself from a trash can into a person eager to put an end to food waste. This PSA was directed by the very talented Walter Lutz, and it is part of the latest episode of Burbank On Demand. Please take the time to watch the video project above, and you can also check it out below as part of an episode of Burbank on Demand. There are truly many lessons we all can learn about not wasting food, and this video makes a solid case for this.


Check out the Star Wars Intro Creator!

Star Wars The Force Awakens scroll

This past weekend we have seen the “Star Wars Celebration” take place in Europe which featured new footage from the upcoming “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” a trailer for season 3 of “Star Wars Rebels,” Alden Ehrenreich being introduced as the new Han Solo, and then news that “Star Wars Episode VIII” will begin right where “The Force Awakens” ended. Of course, there was the issue of the new “Rogue One” trailer that we were promised but did not get. The fans were not happy about that, and when “Star Wars” fans are not happy you have to take their dissatisfaction very seriously.

But in the midst of all this hoopla, I came across the Star Wars Intro Creator on the internet. Basically it allows you to create your Star Wars scroll like the ones we have seen at the beginning of the (so far) seven movies which always fill us excitement about the space adventure we are about to be taken on. This fun little tool was developed by Bruno Orlandi and Nihey Takizawa, and it is based on the work of Tim Pietrusky.

I took a lot of joy in putting my together my own “Star Wars” scroll, and I invite you to check it out. Furthermore, you can create your own very easily, although downloading it may take a while.

Check it out below!

Star Wars Intro Creator