The Ultimate Rabbit is Ben Kenber, a writer and actor living in Los Angeles and whose articles have been featured on Yahoo, Sassy Mama in LA and Examiner.ย  He has conducted interviews with actors and filmmakers for the popular website We Got This Covered. Currently, he is a member of the Internet Film Critics Society, and he has received numerous awards for his writing on Yahoo. In addition, he has run the Los Angeles Marathon nine years in a row and trained with Team to End AIDS. His favorite movie is “Goodfellas,” and he looks forward to sharing his cinematic insights with you.

Other cinematic insights on this site come from Tony Farinella who resides in Oak Lawn, Illinois with his wife, Amanda. He is a die-hard fan of the Green Bay Packers, a major film buff and, like Ben, is a serious collector of Criterion Collection releases.

One comment

  1. nuwansenfilmsen · April 11, 2017

    WOW!!! Ben Kenber, you are an actor AND a Film Critic!!!
    Are you a film/TV actor, or the stage (or all)?? Have you ever critically analysed yourself??
    Either way, it’s nice to have come across your BLOG!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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