’99 Homes’ Director Ramin Bahrani Talks about Surviving Without a Home


The late Roger Ebert proclaimed Ramin Bahrani director of the decade on the basis of his movies “Chop Shop” and “Goodbye Solo,” both of which came out in the 2000’s. His films have received tremendous critical acclaim and numerous awards from one film festival to the next, and this streak does not look to stop with his latest movie. “99 Homes” stars Andrew Garfield as an unemployed contractor who is unjustly evicted from his home and Michael Shannon as the real estate magnate who kicked him out of it and who eventually becomes his mentor in the art of home foreclosures. It’s a thriller which is unsettling as it is heartbreaking as it calls attention to the housing crisis which swept the nation and those cold-hearted and greedy men who profited greatly from it.

Bahrani gives us a story which hits close to home as it contains agonizing scenes of Garfield and his family being given only a few minutes to pack up all their belongings and leave their house. He makes you feel the searing discord between the haves and have-nots as it’s open season on homeowners who have no chance of defending what is rightfully theirs. But when Garfield comes on board with Shannon, he finds a way to dig himself out of his financial black hole so he can get back his house. But as Garfield gets deeper and deeper into Shannon’s world, he starts losing his ethical and moral bearings as he starts to others what was done to him.

Bahrani was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California to do a press conference on “99 Homes.” I was one of the reporters there and told him the movie seemed to be as much about survival in an economically shaky world as it is about greed and home foreclosures. When I asked him what he felt “99 Homes” had to say about surviving in this crazy world the characters inhabit, he said the following:

Ramin Bahrani: “One of the scenes I really like, for me it was like something from Dostoyevsky in my mind, was when the two men sit at the dock at night. And I remember Michael (Shannon) came up to me and said, ‘Ramin, is this the important line in the scene?” I told him, ‘Michael, this is the important line in the whole movie.’ And that’s after Michael tells Andrew (Garfield) that he carries a gun even at two o’clock in the morning because he was almost run off the road one time when he goes to dinner with his family and all this stuff, and Andrew says, ‘Is it worth it?’ And Michael looks at him and says, ‘As opposed to what?’”

It’s a haunting question which left the reporters at the press conference speechless, and it’s one of the many reasons why you must see “99 Homes” which is now available to rent and own on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital.

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  1. T L · January 30, 2019

    Ramin is the man who told the truth and did his homework and research on the crime still going on today! I’m a victim after fighting for over 12 years starting after ID Theft, then lead into a loan modification nightmare by EMC Mortgage owned by Bear Stearns (still in business located Lewisville Texas and JPMC purchased loans from Bear Stearns (EMC Mortgage became part of the family at JPMC in 2009 in our situation). Acquisition from Bear Stearns/EMC to JP Morgan Chase was in 2008. EMC & JPMC continued to Mis lead, neglect, unfair practice continuously, repeated 6 loan mods completed, but qualified in 2008 for loan mod, then to find out missing payments that were taken but never applied (money laundering between Western Union) and Banks rejecting payments but then never notifying customers to pick up all refunds that bank rejected. Bank didn’t want you have successful payments as they tried to figure out how to default as we were reporting to each state and federal agencies, they continued to send letters that they were researching/investigate but only to stop payments all together and then threaten for 8 years literally with foreclosure, ruining reputations.

    These National banks never had true title from ceased lender to investor that never endorsed Note then fake investor comes in creating assignment. Fabricated and Fake documents in property records while in litigation, falsified Satisfaction of Mortgage by Linda Green (fake signatures), illegal eviction, wrongful foreclosure, offered me cash for keys twice for $5000, hired agent broke in to property without any Writ (proof of contract offered, calls/texts proof asking for garage code) and all while in federal court for over 4 years tracking down the entities, putting this puzzle together and finding many fake documents & suddenly appearing transfers that were never in property records prior. Every homeowners nightmare in this story alone.

    These entities are all the bail out banks, settlements being paid and staying out of the news (google illegal evictions, wrongful foreclosures, linda green robo signers/forged documents (all in this case). Imposters that literally stole our property underneath us as some attorneys told us to watch the movie “99 Homes” prior to this evening happening to us. It’s the new and real game still going on today and we are onto several connections that people trust and involved in community looking like great people (organized crime watching out for each other) and many in the town…3 hired private investigators between 2012-2017 with similar audits/reports but changed hands to escape liabililty. These huge banks & attorneys made false statements to courts and state/federal agencies….mislead us for years to steal our property after realizing they never owned, Note never endorsed and same parties as The Big Short started with Bear Stearns, EMC Mortgage then to Fake JPMC. It’s unbelievable, Judges looked other way kicked out National court reporters that was hired for hearings, and did not allow important hearing, threw out amendments in 2 separate cases that proved the fraud plus much more. Ordered transcripts in first case that didn’t include everything stated at hearing in first case. Told by attorneys that didn’t represent us to hire are own court reporters but judges/courts did not allow and questioned who they were. LAW needs to change, banks need to be responsible just like car titles. Banks by law don’t have to file and record every transfer? This is the loop whole for thieves/flipping houses. Banks screw up then hire to cover their mistakes, create default title and hire other servicing companies to create documents then filing electronically in property records….who’s monitoring electric filing in property records (no one in this county obviously).

    The Original lender was ceased and shut down in state of GA (Southstar Funding). Wells Fargo was on the Satisfaction of Mortgage from sellers with the fake signatures of Linda Green (robosigners) which is forgery/falsified legal documents. Forgery in Ga and other states between several banks and huge with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo hired high school students that were signing off on mortgage documents as Linda Green/Wells Fargo (every person). This was on 60 minutes and many other shows 2010-2011. This all on the same property that was taken illegally and Wells Fargo was original investor never held Note nor endorsed. Loan goes from Party A to C/D (Complete full of crime, falsified & forged documents since beginning, and no homeowner would realize until you are in this hell).

    This was our first house and business owner for over 23 years. We were put into the biggest secretive scheme with major evidence that was dismissed/denied each time filed in Fed Court. Rules & Procedures used against in litigation as no attorney wanted to touch complaint due to the magnitude and huge entities involved or didn’t have the time or make enough money working for plaintiffs (make more from the banks to cover up). Attorney here was sanctioned, and can’t practice law until pays huge fine for being honest and cases couldn’t even get evidence for discovery. Other attorneys had many of similar cases (30-40) in state & federal court in MN, all dismissed thrown out…my case was similar to other attorneys that were dismissed/denied, but I made it to the 8th circuit as prose and didn’t stop fighting for justice and many people are still going through…Illegal and backdating transfers recorded while in litigation (blank records proved no assignment then all of a sudden, appearing transfer recorded, records with banks altered/deleted changed or couldn’t find or get you records when requested.

    The property illegally broken into and taken over switched hands 3 times in less then one year. Was stalked and harassed for years, black SUV’s and other cars day/night watching property (obviously waiting for perfect time to break in) while at work took over locked out. Sheriff confirmed on several occasions no Writ was ever issued, executed or posted. Agent for Cash for Keys broke in then placed his wife’s name approx. 2 weeks later on the utilities but we were still paying utilities. Silent investor (realtor) in area involved.

    It’s not about the money, it’s the principle and how these crooks call themselves great in the community, support your local police department…if you only knew.

    The property later listed as abandonment or acquisition by servicing company in CO (Specialized Loan Servicing) which is doing this to many across the country and online complaints everywhere. Servicing company stated Wells Fargo investor but was in court with The Bank of New Mellon that stated they owned. Flipped to new investor and a individual persons name while in court and still living at property during litigation…how messed and illegal is this?

    The Fake assignment over 4 years later filed in property records after the closing date, and our missing payment same month not applied was filed by JPMC with the fake trust name of The Bank of New York Mellon (BONYM investors were being defrauded as well) – the loan was never placed inside the trust as by law the loan must be placed within 90 days of closing date. It’s incredible scary to know the organized crime is also related to some of the local agencies in the area and neighbors involved, contractor, realtor investor, and Wells Fargo that supposedly investor originally 2005, then purged loan 2008 then got it back again after flipping in 2016.

    The mortgage NOTE left blank no endorsement then The Bank of New York Mellon picks up from sheriff sale so they can create the new title they need to look legit for flipping several hands/entities.

    Documentary Needed! More evidence, recordings, original documents then any Homeowner in the USA! Investigated and 3 hired investigators on separate occasions proved title fraud, breach of contracts as the courts turn their head, denied, dismissed and JPMC Denied any wrong doing as well as The Bank of New York Mellon. Won motion for ESI (electronic stored information from bank, but judges allowed nothing to be proven, not one single document that was new did the banks have to provide to prove they were innocent or no wrong doing). As all our evidence was being used behind the scenes to create the documents they needed for POA from Chase to new servicer after first case, to then the Bank of New York Mellon, still operated by Chase. Wells Fargo confirmed they had loan 2005 then again but in different name then ours. We knew we couldn’t redeem the property back now as they already flipped illegally to steal from underneath us. The legal office avoided every call for total amount due to redeem repeatedly. Legal office is working for the banks and get paid by the entities we were fighting and in litigation. We filed a “Lis Pendens” (latin word for pending litigation) was filed in the property for to show any person/realtor/attorney etc… that the property is a red flag and not to be touched as it is in litigation. That did not matter to these people, shows how many were involved in the organized crime.

    PS Business woman, role model in my community for many years, 3 generations of families at business, former professional NFL Cheerleader, Selected Panel of Woman In Business, Selected Top Twin Cities Athlete, Support many city & school events….then having to fight for everything I ever worked for while being a great citizen and role model. These greedy crooks working on the next home to take from innocent families, banks placing many into foreclosure out of their control. More money in foreclosure then keeping the same person(s) in a property/home…take your payments, take your property then remodel slightly then jack up property price and start over for more money. Too Big To Fail, Not To Big To Jail from Forgery, Fraud & Falsifying Documents this history has many Paper and Electronic Trails.

    Please check out: Western Union Money Laundering $586 million settlement – I received only 1 of my missing payments which happens to be also proof of the same month of August in 2010 that Chase filed fake assignment Aug 2010 intentionally rejected payment to cause default (received check dated from settlement August 28, 2017 after case dismissed). Just a coincident? NOT

    I’m the Erin Brochivich of the National Bank Mortgage SH–! Continued to be told you need a movie, documentary by attorneys, consultants, paralegals and many other people. I have to operate business each day as well as doing all this to keep my head up out of water to make up for my years of loss, time, work production etc…

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